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I remember being this way from the time I was a little girl, though.  I used to look at my mom when she used to tell me we were lucky to have a place to live in and I whined "but I'm bored!!!!" and it's something that just continues to be a huge truth for me.  Maybe it was this boredom of being indoors in the first place that got me into video games.  It's possible.  My first game was Mario Bros on original Nintendo but, nowadays, I don't play video games very much.  Mostly because they're not as awesome as Xenogears, Fire Emblem III, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FFVI, FFIX, Legend of Dragoon, Galerians, Parasite Eve, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker (and whatever other super great games I am forgetting ... there are so many!!!!!) -- all I see today are a plethora of GameStops with shit like Call of Duty Black Ops and whatever else.

My favorite boss battle OF ALL TIME:

It's actually my favorite battle because of the monologue.

Okay, okay, anyway -- I'm getting away from my main point. The reason I keep going out so much is simply because they don't make games like that anymore. What's the point of being indoors? No more awesome games. No more AOL chatroom likes Gundam Ballroom, NO MORE ANYTHING AWESOME EVER.

Since I'm poor and live in NYC -- one of my favorite things to do is go to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. Tickets are cheap!!!! They're never over 10$. They're an underground comedy club and a lot of well known comedians seem to have gotten their start there such as Amy Poehler. If you don't know who she is then google her!!!!

On Friday night I had hot black milk tea and saw "The Stepfathers" an improv group that pretty much came up with the concept of an Abraham Lincoln Shark and that love conquers all.

On Saturday night I had some more hot black milk tea -- after working an opening to closing shift -- and caught Grandma's Ashes ... the improv love of my life. The reason I adore Grandma's Ashes so much is because they take an audience member volunteer and interview them about their most horrible day so far in their lives and then all of their improv is inspired by that story. Some of the stories I've heard so far are the following: a man was fired on christmas eve from his job, his girlfriend subsequently broke up with him, he went to his car and discovered vomit all over it, got in it anyway, drove to a 711 in a snow storm to get brownie mix because he was depressed -- a woman after she was broken up with went to argentina to discover herself and was a spirit guide horse refused a carrot from her -- another woman went to some shitty mexican restaurant that serves only frozen premade alcoholic drinks that swim around in those things like 711 slush and got so drunk she fell off of her loft bed and broke her leg and all her friends abandoned her etc, etc ...

I've considered going up there but I need to be loaded up on a lot of Xanax first :/ ...

Anyway, yeah, I can't stand being in my apartment for too long. Tomorrow I'm pretty much gonna read "Water for Elephants" outdoors somewhere and just hope I don't catch pneumonia. "Can't you do that at home?" you're probably thinking -- yeah, I can, BUT HOME IS BORING.


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