Oct. 28th, 2013

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Dante is sick =(. I first noticed it yesterday when my tuxedo baby wasn't being her usual self and destroying the entire house. I walked up to her and noticed disgusting yellow BOOGIES all over her nostrils and the tip of her mouth. I cleaned up her nose a bit with moistened Q tips and fed her and gave her water with an oral syringe since she didn't want to do either on her own. The vet was closed -- but I figured she would be okay to be looked at today. Fast forward to today. I get her an appointment for today at 1 pm. I parked the car and didn't even bother paying the meter (hence the 35$ ticket I later on acquired, LOL). My Dante ended up on antibiotics and a bunch of blood work was taken from her. I get most of the results back tomorrow and the flea-bacterial one I get back in 3 weeks. I managed to drive her home and sit with her in the bathroom as I ran the shower hot to fill the room up with steam. Dante started sneezing immediately and all of this gunk just kept flying out of her. After I was satisfied with how well her nose seemed to clean out from the steam -- I held her down and gave her her antibiotic. She didn't like that part at all. BUT she's a lot better today. Moving around a lot more and initiating little things here and there that she did not feel like doing at all yesterday. So, I'm hoping that everything turns out okay. My honey baby =(.

Cut because very detailed sex stuff and I don't know who wants to really read this or not so, uh, if you're going to comment QUICKLY SCROLL DOWN AND CLOSE YOUR EYES. Good luck :) )

I found out Mackie died, Christy's Anatolian Shepard. I immediately told Rob. My first inclination was to email Christy and send her my condolences -- but knowing her she'll probably complain about how I'm harassing her to all her friends and never read the email anyway. So, I initially didn't say anything -- until Rob made the move. First, he bought a sympathy card to send to Lynne. Then he found an e-card to email to Christy. Rob and I were talking on AIM and he showed me the e-card and asked for my opinion. I told him it was cute. I really liked the sad music. I then typed my lengthy sympathy paragraph to him on AIM and Rob copied it and pasted it on to the e-card as well as something he wrote and emailed it to Christy. Rob and I have no idea if she even read the thing. I shrug my shoulders at the whole situation. I feel bad for Mackie more so than I do for the family -- probably because I've disconnected myself with that family but I always kept Mackie close to my heart. I missed him every day and wished I could somehow, someway, see him -- even for a few seconds. For those few years that Christy and her family were in my life -- I considered Mackie my dog. He was great. Always adventurous, always causing a ruckus, always eating the food off of my plate -- and he always looked so doofy as he sat there on the couch closest to the front door, panting, his beauty mark on the left side of his dopy expression -- I loved him and I miss him and I just hope it was his time and not anything that suddenly made him go. Here's to you, Mackie =) may you eat all of the universe's food when the universe isn't looking.


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