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Dante is sick =(. I first noticed it yesterday when my tuxedo baby wasn't being her usual self and destroying the entire house. I walked up to her and noticed disgusting yellow BOOGIES all over her nostrils and the tip of her mouth. I cleaned up her nose a bit with moistened Q tips and fed her and gave her water with an oral syringe since she didn't want to do either on her own. The vet was closed -- but I figured she would be okay to be looked at today. Fast forward to today. I get her an appointment for today at 1 pm. I parked the car and didn't even bother paying the meter (hence the 35$ ticket I later on acquired, LOL). My Dante ended up on antibiotics and a bunch of blood work was taken from her. I get most of the results back tomorrow and the flea-bacterial one I get back in 3 weeks. I managed to drive her home and sit with her in the bathroom as I ran the shower hot to fill the room up with steam. Dante started sneezing immediately and all of this gunk just kept flying out of her. After I was satisfied with how well her nose seemed to clean out from the steam -- I held her down and gave her her antibiotic. She didn't like that part at all. BUT she's a lot better today. Moving around a lot more and initiating little things here and there that she did not feel like doing at all yesterday. So, I'm hoping that everything turns out okay. My honey baby =(.

Cut because very detailed sex stuff and I don't know who wants to really read this or not so, uh, if you're going to comment QUICKLY SCROLL DOWN AND CLOSE YOUR EYES. Good luck :) )

I found out Mackie died, Christy's Anatolian Shepard. I immediately told Rob. My first inclination was to email Christy and send her my condolences -- but knowing her she'll probably complain about how I'm harassing her to all her friends and never read the email anyway. So, I initially didn't say anything -- until Rob made the move. First, he bought a sympathy card to send to Lynne. Then he found an e-card to email to Christy. Rob and I were talking on AIM and he showed me the e-card and asked for my opinion. I told him it was cute. I really liked the sad music. I then typed my lengthy sympathy paragraph to him on AIM and Rob copied it and pasted it on to the e-card as well as something he wrote and emailed it to Christy. Rob and I have no idea if she even read the thing. I shrug my shoulders at the whole situation. I feel bad for Mackie more so than I do for the family -- probably because I've disconnected myself with that family but I always kept Mackie close to my heart. I missed him every day and wished I could somehow, someway, see him -- even for a few seconds. For those few years that Christy and her family were in my life -- I considered Mackie my dog. He was great. Always adventurous, always causing a ruckus, always eating the food off of my plate -- and he always looked so doofy as he sat there on the couch closest to the front door, panting, his beauty mark on the left side of his dopy expression -- I loved him and I miss him and I just hope it was his time and not anything that suddenly made him go. Here's to you, Mackie =) may you eat all of the universe's food when the universe isn't looking.
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Well, on my way to and from campus -- my bus stop is attached to this overpass that allows us pedestrians to walk across the highway to get to the other side of the boulevard. So, when I'm on my way home -- I use this overpass to get to the other side and then walk the half a block to the apartment. WELL!!!!! Something happened there that I wasn't expecting! I was walking along the overpass and it was pretty early, before 12 in the afternoon, and I saw this man hiding by the stair case that I would need to use to go downstairs. I'm all, okay, I'm probably gonna get mugged or something -- I mean why else is he hiding from me?!?! NOPE NOPE NOPE. He was masturbating! I kept thinking to myself oh god, oh god, please don't blow your load while I'm here because I'm wearing dark colors, oh god -- and when I got within maybe two steps or so beneath him I called the cops. I was so nonchalant on the phone with the 911 operator that I don't know if they took me seriously or not. I gave them a detailed description! And I left my name and my phone number -- but I never got a call back so, I don't know. Also, I napped right after this happened so .... whoops????

Anyway, there's been this cat that's been coming to our driveway for a while now -- and just hanging in between the bushes to the side. One day, while I was walking Suz, he came out from underneath the neighbor's car and started plopping himself all over my feet. This is how our love affair began. At first, there was a lot of resistance to getting this cat to be able to come upstairs with all of us. But, eventually, seeing how much it bothered me emotionally to leave this cat downstairs after all he wanted was love and cuddles .... this person caved and now he's here!!!!! Meowpoleon doesn't do much. He sleeps. He eats A LOT. And cuddles into us A LOT. I'm guessing he's an old cat because he doesn't run around like my younger cats destroying the house.

Yesterday, I went to Chinatown -- only after I spent the morning doing errands with my Dad. I helped him with some of his gardening stuff. Derooting a couple of old tomato plants, carrying all the soil to the garbage area, going out to Brooklyn Bagel and getting him and egg, bacon, and cheese. I eventually fell asleep from 11-2 (I was up at 530, so!) and noticed that I had missed multiple calls from Rob =( so I quickly texted him and we all decided to go to Chinatown. I invited Valdo, too. It wasn't that we did much. But we did have a good time. You know how some people go out drinking and they consider that their good time? Well, we're foodies. We try different, heard of food establishments and that's our good time. Considering that they're both going through hard times now I bought them small things here and there. For example, I bought Rob a Thai Iced Bubble Tea because he waited for me for forever at Ten Ren and I felt bad and I bought Valdo almond cookie icecream because I wanted him to enjoy the Chinatown Icecream Factory, too -- that I know he loves =).

We have a tendency to walk from Chinatown to Union Square. ALL THE TIME. It's just a thing that we do. I've always liked walking through Manhattan with no particular destination in mind because I like looking at the surrounding areas. Well, WE FOUND THE LITTLE CUPCAKE BAKESHOP which we had found one time before -- and another time had tried desperately to find again -- and we had cupcakes and cake and it was GLORIOUS. Rob had sat down at this table in the corner, Valdo was somewhere to my left and slightly behind me, and I just remember describing Rob's taste palette to the bakery girl as not adventurous because I didn't know what cake to get him!!!! BUT YES!!!! We all had our sweets =). I had a pumpkin spice cupcake and half a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. Valdo had the other half of the peanut butter and jelly cupcake and half a golden yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And Rob had the remaining half of his golden yellow cake with chocolate frosting =). I treated them. I like treating people when I can afford it. Which is rare!!!!!! I'M USUALLY THE ONE BEING TREATED but I digress, hahahahahahahahaaaaa .....

I've been neglecting my boyfriend and I feel terrible =(. Not because I mean to! I'm just bad at text messages and the like. I'm usually on twitter A LOT or ... I ADD because I'm doing homework and playing video games and sleeping and stuff and eating and our days off/free days never coincide and just WAAAAAAAH so I always end up seeing our friends over seeing him and it makes me feel bad because I WANT TO SEE HIM TOO but what the hell he's either at work or I'm at work or I'm doing school stuff and he's at work and WAAAAHHHHH =(. I should actually text him right now -- watch me forget XD.

Life is okay. I wish I had a career but other than that I'm pretty happy with everything =). I have wonderful people and animals in my life and I hope it stays that way for forever <3.


Sep. 19th, 2013 01:39 pm
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I didn't realize that I haven't updated this since July. Wow, wow, wow. Sorry!!!!! More so to myself because I swore I wouldn't get all nonchalant with updating -____-;

My classes are going okay. I'm upset with my Calculus class because, when I signed up for it, I didn't know that it was a mostly online class and the one day that we meet for an hour and forty minutes each week is for just discussion. So that has messed me up a lot .... because I can't keep up with when assignments are due. I don't think I've been able to submit homework for credit for about ... two weeks now. Not that it matters? I mean, I'm keeping up with the lectures because they're not that bad or long, usually, but ... well, I have other classes and labs so .... things fall through the cracks and often. I'm alright with it, though. I've kinda decided to just take the first midterm and see how things go. If I can pass it with at least a 70, I'll stay. If I can't, I'll withdraw. WHICH REMINDS ME ABOUT WHAT I WANTED TO DO EARLIER TODAY but forgot to do it after physics class, argh.

Everything else is mostly the same. I still work at the McPharmacy. Things are getting pretty bad in terms of metrics. And SOS scores or my customer scores or whatever they're called now. Apparently, we need to target girls that come get their birth control for the customer surveys? Regardless, that meeting that was only supposed to last thirty minutes lasted SUCH A LONG TIME THAT MY FEET WERE DYING BY THE END OF IT (I had just finished working a nine hour shift right beforehand).

At least I get to go out tomorrow right after Physics =) (even though I'll be dead tired from biology lab tonight because I won't get home until around 10:45 - 11 and then I have to wake up at 6 to get to Physics ....) and hopefully SUNDAY FUNDAY ... hopefully. Because the weather people say it's going to rain on Sunday and whenever it rains ... I get migraines and I can't do a thing.
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AAAAHHHH, I leave tomorrow for con debauchery. I'm excited -- but a little saddened because the time is going to fly and, when it's over and I'm back to the daily grind with no access to the pool 24/7, I'm going to desperately yearn for it until I go again next year.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with the ASPCA to confirm that a friend of mine/patient at the retail pharmacy where I work can get her cat, Titi, neutered for 5$, if she just brings her medicaid, medicare, and state ID with her to the ASPCA mobile truck this friday morning. And she can! Which is great because I kinda already told her she could but I just wasn't sure and I was flustered so I had to double check myself.

When Tina picked up the phone she coughed soooo much that she could barely breathe and I feel terrible for her. Tina is .... severely mentally ill and she sometimes just, I don't know what the word is, but it's like how I felt when she asked me to be her girlfriend ... except ... now ... I have that feeling 24/7. Ever since she told me she contracted AIDS and that she has a will and everything and how she keeps talking about how she's going to die ... I just kinda stand there ... because ... Tina is such a wonderful woman. Really wonderful. Her severe mental illness sometimes hides her from the world and when the majority of people look at her they just see an annoyance, or someone they should just ignore. I've seen people PHYSICALLY tense up while she's standing right next to them as if she's some kind of poison. She's so wonderful and she doesn't deserve any of this and it just bothers me that things can't be any better for her than they are right now ....

In other news, sometime last week, Rob's aunt passed away. I managed to attend the last hour of the wake because I left work 15 minutes earlier and I switched shifts to attend the mass and the burial in the morning. It's always so tough for me to see the body laid out in the casket because, to me, I just don't see anything remotely human there -- just a waxy doll that smells funny and it's so terrifying to know that we're all going to be like that one day, every single one of us, and it just isn't fair because humanity is so beautiful as a whole ... and just, whyyyyyy.

And, for a piece of lightheartedness, whenever Memorial Day was -- Rob threw a BBQ at his house and it was great for me because all of the family that I'm close to was there (my two nephews and my niece) which is very important to me since I feel responsible for them in an odd way since my sister passed away almost two years ago. With school ... I don't see the three of them as often as I would like to and that sucks ... because I was used to going over there ALL THE TIME and just being around them but I do make sure to text them every day because they're my babies and I want my babies to know how much I love them <3. So, yes, the BBQ was perfect and we were all jealous of the bouncy castle next door.

I saw my baby last night <3. It wasn't for very long and we didn't really go anywhere except Taco Bell and then the back seat of my car for sexy times and cuddle times but ... it was completely worth it. I'm going to miss him while I'm away but at least we both know I'm coming back <3. I really don't know how we're going to survive once the semester starts ... ;~;

Speaking of the semester ... I did like SHIT this semester but at least my lowest grade was a C .... but that doesn't say much considering my highest was a B- ... aaaahhhh well .... life and chronic migraines got in the way so I'm just really happy I passed everything, essentially, and can move on to the next round of bullets in the mental chamber.


May. 21st, 2013 04:48 pm
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I was a vegetarian for a really long time but, after a while, I literally wasn't eating anything. I hate vegetables and actually only adore summer fruits -- and because I don't have that much money to support my summer fruit loving self I mostly ended up consuming bread and more bread and more bread. Which turned out not to be very good for me. I've reverted back to eating meat (mostly small amounts of chicken breast) until I get to a point in my life where I can afford supplements, protein powders, and all the fruits I want to eat 24/7 without other people bitching at me 24/7 that I'm not being healthy enough. The first week of reverting back was hard for me .... because I kept thinking about that chicken being held in someone's arms during one of those sad animal commercials but I've managed to push thoughts like that out of my mind and to just eat it quickly so I don't really have time to process I'm eating an animal and then feel extremely guilty about it.

I joined My Fitness Pal or whatever -- as an app on my iPhone -- to help me remember the things that I eat since I tend to forget here and there. So, far with breakfast, lunch, and snack -- I'm at 802 calories and I still have a few calories left that I could eat but it really depends on if I'm hungry later or not. Correction, I probably will be hungry later -- but I kinda want watermelon.

I'm currently studying for my math final. More so going through past finals and circling things I don't remember how to do/don't know how to do (this has happened once so far) and taking notes on youtube in regards to things I mostly don't remember.

And MY BOYFRIEND. I can gush about him forever. I'm normally not a sexual person but holy fuck -- and this is going to be very, very blunt -- but I want his pulsating cock in my vagina until the end of time itself.

He is the best person I've ever been with. And I'm not lying about that. I'm normally a very -- rule enforcer kinda type during any kind of sexual encounter in terms of where people can touch me and not touch me -- and a big DO NOT TOUCH ME THERE EVER is usually my midsection but with him I don't give a shit. Because I know he's not judging me. He's not laying there and thinking "damn, this girl needs to lose weight HOLY FUCK" he's probably just happy we're laying there together and just completely accepts me the way that I am and, for that, I am thankful.


 photo wooly.jpg

I also confronted one of the people who brought up the Christy thing to him and the explanation I received made absolutely no sense. "Oh, honestly? I'm just resentful towards you because you seem to enjoy spending time with everyone else but won't spend any time with me" .... in the end ... I forgave this person and accepted her back into my life because this is all mental illness as far as I'm concerned and there are other things in the world I should be pissed at -- like the ever growing homeless population in NYC and how THE CITY ITSELF SEEMS TO BE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT >O. So, yeah, I decided it's not worth it to be mad at someone who's mentally ill and I wish her the best, really.

This passed Sunday was Daymien's christening -- and the majority of my family is Atheist but it was important to my niece so we participated. I was the God Mother and, quite frankly, was blatantly lied to in terms of what I would be expected to do while I was up there. I was told all I do is stand up there and hold Daymien. So, of course, I was okay with this. WELL, THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. I had to read scripture. OUT LOUD. IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. I had to constantly hold him in my right, do things with my right, and move to my right (I'm a lefty and I naturally went to my left or lifted my left first and the priest was getting pissed ....) and I ALMOST SET MYSELF ON FIRE. Ugh, just ... it was traumatizing. I am never baptizing a baby again. EVER. Apparently, everyone heard me tell Daymien to stop crying when he received the "blood of Christ" which is really red wine because he'd enjoy this kind of drink when he's older. XD. The priest, though, was a judgmental prick. He didn't like the fact my niece was as young as she was. He almost didn't believe Daymien was hers and tried to pin Daymien as my child. Then he asked when my niece was going to get married to the baby's father and my niece retorted "Excuse me? WHAT?" to which I clapped. BECAUSE REALLY. And then the baby's father walked in and the priest's eyes popped out of his head because the father was not .... white ....

And, during the ceremony, the priest legitimately did not read 95% of the text. He mumbled crap under his breath most of the time thinking we wouldn't understand the Greek he wasn't speaking. This annoyed me but I seemed to be the only person who cared .....


I'm just counting the days until the semester is over. My last final is this Thursday and, right after, I'm rushing to my boyfriend's house for some much NEEDED CUDDLING and 17 wohop ~
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at Central Park. And ever since I found out about it -- I've been going to it every year because I think about Megan -- Christy's little cousin. I realize I'm not directly changing any of Megan's experiences but it's my main motivation to go to these things and be exposed to such heartbreak such as a little girl, in a wheel chair, skinny and sick with no hair =( being pushed around by her family at the walk.

This year I brought Daymien with me. Daymien is my one year old great nephew, at least I think he's my great nephew because he's my niece's son but regardless I love him to bits and pieces, and I figured he would love being outside, in Manhattan, since he's never really been to Manhattan before -- especially somewhere as grand as Central Park.

He didn't spend a lot of time in his stroller. I took him out quite a lot and would occasionally let go of his hand so he could go run around Rob in circles and have me chase him -- which would end with him giggling maniacally from behind Rob's legs. Daymien ate really well too! In between chasing all of the GIRL BABIES of course. My god. HE WENT AFTER SO MANY OF THEM and he cried and threw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him get too close :3.

Needless to say -- we didn't get the chance to finish the walk. Mostly because Daymien was so mesmerized by the park itself that he wanted to go exploring. And then we heard rumbling in the distance so we grabbed Daymien and all his crap and took cover underneath one of the tunnels (I call them that ... I don't really know what they are) and luckily we got there just as lightning started to strike near us and the torrential downpour came. Daymien really did not like the sound of thunder -- but was quickly distracted by this beautiful girl in pink sequins and a mini violin who began performing -- with a man dressed in Native garments. Daymien kept pulling me closer and closer to them. He kept dancing. He kept, well, attempting to sing with the girl by going AAAAAAAA every time she sang AND in between performances that this duo were putting on -- Daymien kept pulling me to this little dog some nice woman had and KEPT PETTING THE DOG FOR LIKE EVER and I kept trying to get him away from the poor dog because well, it's not like here with the Suz and the cats where he can just touch them all day every day -- this is someone else's dog ... but a one year old can only understand so much. Eventually, the duo were done performing permanently and I walked up to the girl and told her about how mesmerized Daymien was by her performance and if she didn't mind taking a picture with him. SHE WAS SUCH A SWEET HEART and I adore her and I hope I get to see more of her performances soon~ and Daymien has a picture to look back on when he gets older =).

The rain, at that point, had lightened up -- so I wrapped Daymien in my red jacket -- and Rob and I ran through Central Park to the train station. Daymien fell asleep. And I only figured this out when I felt him drool into the side of my neck <3. We were in such a rush to get him home because, due to the fact I didn't really have anything rainproof either -- my jacket is cotton -- Daymien did get wet and I didn't want him catching a cold so I wanted to change him into dry clothes as soon as possible. The MTA made this impossible because we had to take 3 separate trains to get to Northern Boulevard where all three of us were famished (and Daymien had eaten way more than the two of us; a nutella sandwich, a huge tupperware of strawberries, a banana ...) that we went to McDonald's. And Daymien proceeded to feed me his apple slices that he dipped in BBQ sauce and sweet and sour sauce. DISGUSTING. OH MY GOD. But he loved that flavor combination and it made him happy, so, whatever. And we made the mistake of getting him apple juice -- because, once we got him home -- HE KEPT SPINNING IN CONTINUOUS CIRCLES. Ugh, I LOVE HIM. I can't even explain, in words, the depth and the intensity of my feelings for this little boy =).

I can't wait until the summer. I'll have a lot more time to take Daymien out everywhere.


Jan. 13th, 2013 01:14 pm
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Everyone knows that the Wii U was recently released. I personally did not see what the big deal was considering that we already had other HD capable systems that have already been out for years. But, I digress. I participated in a pizza and gaming night recently where I was able to play New Super Mario Bros Wii U.


The new gimmick in New Super Mario Bros Wii U is that you can play with up to five players (one player gets to be support with the Game Pad) and new power ups that are introduced along with some old ones introduced in a new way.

Let's talk about the role of the Game Pad first. I consider this to be the most important, anyway, in a group setting. The role of the Game Pad is to create platforms for hard to reach areas (or when you're plummeting to your sudden death -- though I don't understand why people don't just press A and bubble), keeping certain very large enemies at bay by having the person on the Game Pad constantly tapping them -- and the Game Pad dude can also be a DICK and create platforms on top of your head so when you accidentally hit into them in a very sticky situation you plummet to your death or have to quickly bubble which causes everyone to lose their lives anyway (if you're all bubbled at the same time -- it's considered as though everyone has lost their lives).

Next up: POWER UPS. I am so very happy that this game has brought back the amazement that is the P-WING -- unfortunately, we didn't get to use it last night so I can't really tell you what it does in this game (even though I'm assuming that it does the same thing as it did in the SNES title Mario Bros 3). I can tell you how you do get a P-Wing in this game, though. Do you guys happen to remember the mushroom houses where you played some usually pathetic mini game but YOU GOT FREE POWER UPS. It's essentially the same in this game EXCEPT ... there's this rat thief who will randomly pop up and steal from the poor little toad in the mushroom house. This rat thief then runs to another world you've already beaten into any one of those levels (which is noted by some sinister rat icon hanging over the world level) and, once you're in the level with said rat thief, you have to DASH after him and catch him before he reaches the end. If you manage to do this -- the poor toad from the mushroom house awards you with a P-WING. Rejoice.

All the other power ups are essentially the same -- the Starman, the mushroom, the fireflower, the frost flower -- BUT I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE ACORN MUSHROOM. I believe this might be a new gimmick but I am not entirely sure.

The acorn mushroom is pictured in the above image with yellow toad. Essentially, when you get the acorn mushroom you're able to float -- kind of like the floating Princess Peach does with her parasol in Super Smash Bros for the Wii. Obviously, with the acorn mushroom you have to run first -- BUT IT IS STILL AN AWESOME POWERUP because you pretty much glide through the air and can quickly bypass any obstacles that are in your way and would cause the death of you or your party member's (though you gliding ahead like that -- if they don't have the acorn power up -- will kill them off as well).

I'm very glad they reintroduced the Koopa kids though they're known as koopalings. This game also reintroduces the ship stage from Mario Bros 3 for the SNES but not always. That ... was awesome. I mean, if you're a nostalgia fuck you're definitely gonna get a hard on.

But this game also comes with all the flaws of its predecessor. You can still jump on the heads of your teammates and plummet to your accidental death. You can still get blocked in by a teammate simply standing in front of you -- and the WORST OF THE OFFENDERS -- is that a teammate can still land on your head while you're in mid air CAUSING YOU TO PLUMMET. And, with the addition of the game pad as the role of support -- you essentially get a new creative twist on how can I FUCK OVER MY TEAMMATES/FRIENDS if you're not paying attention to all the players on the screen.

In the end, I would say this game is worth a try -- if only because it is a Mario game that reintroduces some of the most loved concepts from earlier games. But I wouldn't pay full price for it. I would wait until this title goes on sale.

Next up:


A few nights ago my friends and I did a pizza and bad movie marathon night -- and I picked this gem for everyone to watch. This is called "Carved: The Slit Mouthed Woman" and as many of you can already guess -- this is a Japanese horror thriller. I always love Japanese horror thrillers because the special effects are so terrible they're comedic -- and their stories are much deeper than American horror thrillers.

BUT WITH THIS MOVIE -- it was as if they took all the steps for EASY WRITING and just put it in this movie. The woman with the slit mouth appears in Japan after causing an earthquake in the area (I guess because releasing her spirit from the closet her body was locked in is a cataclysmic event) and immediately after this earthquake -- little children from a specific neighborhood in Japan start disappearing. There's this teacher in the elementary school that all the children are disappearing from that can hear the slit mouthed woman right before she strikes. This would be a thought provoking concept if it didn't turn out that the elementary school teacher that has this telepathic connection to the slit mouthed woman IS HER SON and the only child of hers she didn't end up killing (because the child killed her first).

This movie is loaded with all sorts of tricks in an attempt to make it interesting, but, honestly once it's given away that the slit mouthed woman is this elementary school teacher's mother -- you can already guess where it's going, how the plot arrived to the point it has arrived at already -- and the audience just loses interest (though I did watch this film to the very end).

Recently, (more like yesterday), I woke up early enough to notice that Saturday morning TV Programming had taken a huge bump in status with this gem:


It's basically a movie that is SO STUPID AND ASININE it's hilarious. I'll summarize a little bit. There's this mad scientist who harbors a grudge towards the media from the time he was eight years old. This grudge came about because, when the mad scientist won his local spelling bee, the media didn't think it was important enough to report it. Well, the mad scientist wore from that very day forward that he would take over the national media and make them pay -- and he does this in the form of sentient evil tomatoes. If this doesn't reel you in then please think of the MACHO ASS SKEPTIC DETECTIVE IN LAVENDER LEOPARD PRINT STRETCH PANTS that tries to play it tough through out the whole film.

... And that's what I've been up to lately (with some kinokuniya and lower east side expeditions left out because, really, how do I play up I went for some bubble tea, read a book, got street passes .... etc .... etc .... etc ....).
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I remember being this way from the time I was a little girl, though.  I used to look at my mom when she used to tell me we were lucky to have a place to live in and I whined "but I'm bored!!!!" and it's something that just continues to be a huge truth for me.  Maybe it was this boredom of being indoors in the first place that got me into video games.  It's possible.  My first game was Mario Bros on original Nintendo but, nowadays, I don't play video games very much.  Mostly because they're not as awesome as Xenogears, Fire Emblem III, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, FFVI, FFIX, Legend of Dragoon, Galerians, Parasite Eve, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker (and whatever other super great games I am forgetting ... there are so many!!!!!) -- all I see today are a plethora of GameStops with shit like Call of Duty Black Ops and whatever else.

My favorite boss battle OF ALL TIME:

It's actually my favorite battle because of the monologue.

Okay, okay, anyway -- I'm getting away from my main point. The reason I keep going out so much is simply because they don't make games like that anymore. What's the point of being indoors? No more awesome games. No more AOL chatroom likes Gundam Ballroom, NO MORE ANYTHING AWESOME EVER.

Since I'm poor and live in NYC -- one of my favorite things to do is go to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. Tickets are cheap!!!! They're never over 10$. They're an underground comedy club and a lot of well known comedians seem to have gotten their start there such as Amy Poehler. If you don't know who she is then google her!!!!

On Friday night I had hot black milk tea and saw "The Stepfathers" an improv group that pretty much came up with the concept of an Abraham Lincoln Shark and that love conquers all.

On Saturday night I had some more hot black milk tea -- after working an opening to closing shift -- and caught Grandma's Ashes ... the improv love of my life. The reason I adore Grandma's Ashes so much is because they take an audience member volunteer and interview them about their most horrible day so far in their lives and then all of their improv is inspired by that story. Some of the stories I've heard so far are the following: a man was fired on christmas eve from his job, his girlfriend subsequently broke up with him, he went to his car and discovered vomit all over it, got in it anyway, drove to a 711 in a snow storm to get brownie mix because he was depressed -- a woman after she was broken up with went to argentina to discover herself and was a spirit guide horse refused a carrot from her -- another woman went to some shitty mexican restaurant that serves only frozen premade alcoholic drinks that swim around in those things like 711 slush and got so drunk she fell off of her loft bed and broke her leg and all her friends abandoned her etc, etc ...

I've considered going up there but I need to be loaded up on a lot of Xanax first :/ ...

Anyway, yeah, I can't stand being in my apartment for too long. Tomorrow I'm pretty much gonna read "Water for Elephants" outdoors somewhere and just hope I don't catch pneumonia. "Can't you do that at home?" you're probably thinking -- yeah, I can, BUT HOME IS BORING.
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