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at Central Park. And ever since I found out about it -- I've been going to it every year because I think about Megan -- Christy's little cousin. I realize I'm not directly changing any of Megan's experiences but it's my main motivation to go to these things and be exposed to such heartbreak such as a little girl, in a wheel chair, skinny and sick with no hair =( being pushed around by her family at the walk.

This year I brought Daymien with me. Daymien is my one year old great nephew, at least I think he's my great nephew because he's my niece's son but regardless I love him to bits and pieces, and I figured he would love being outside, in Manhattan, since he's never really been to Manhattan before -- especially somewhere as grand as Central Park.

He didn't spend a lot of time in his stroller. I took him out quite a lot and would occasionally let go of his hand so he could go run around Rob in circles and have me chase him -- which would end with him giggling maniacally from behind Rob's legs. Daymien ate really well too! In between chasing all of the GIRL BABIES of course. My god. HE WENT AFTER SO MANY OF THEM and he cried and threw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him get too close :3.

Needless to say -- we didn't get the chance to finish the walk. Mostly because Daymien was so mesmerized by the park itself that he wanted to go exploring. And then we heard rumbling in the distance so we grabbed Daymien and all his crap and took cover underneath one of the tunnels (I call them that ... I don't really know what they are) and luckily we got there just as lightning started to strike near us and the torrential downpour came. Daymien really did not like the sound of thunder -- but was quickly distracted by this beautiful girl in pink sequins and a mini violin who began performing -- with a man dressed in Native garments. Daymien kept pulling me closer and closer to them. He kept dancing. He kept, well, attempting to sing with the girl by going AAAAAAAA every time she sang AND in between performances that this duo were putting on -- Daymien kept pulling me to this little dog some nice woman had and KEPT PETTING THE DOG FOR LIKE EVER and I kept trying to get him away from the poor dog because well, it's not like here with the Suz and the cats where he can just touch them all day every day -- this is someone else's dog ... but a one year old can only understand so much. Eventually, the duo were done performing permanently and I walked up to the girl and told her about how mesmerized Daymien was by her performance and if she didn't mind taking a picture with him. SHE WAS SUCH A SWEET HEART and I adore her and I hope I get to see more of her performances soon~ and Daymien has a picture to look back on when he gets older =).

The rain, at that point, had lightened up -- so I wrapped Daymien in my red jacket -- and Rob and I ran through Central Park to the train station. Daymien fell asleep. And I only figured this out when I felt him drool into the side of my neck <3. We were in such a rush to get him home because, due to the fact I didn't really have anything rainproof either -- my jacket is cotton -- Daymien did get wet and I didn't want him catching a cold so I wanted to change him into dry clothes as soon as possible. The MTA made this impossible because we had to take 3 separate trains to get to Northern Boulevard where all three of us were famished (and Daymien had eaten way more than the two of us; a nutella sandwich, a huge tupperware of strawberries, a banana ...) that we went to McDonald's. And Daymien proceeded to feed me his apple slices that he dipped in BBQ sauce and sweet and sour sauce. DISGUSTING. OH MY GOD. But he loved that flavor combination and it made him happy, so, whatever. And we made the mistake of getting him apple juice -- because, once we got him home -- HE KEPT SPINNING IN CONTINUOUS CIRCLES. Ugh, I LOVE HIM. I can't even explain, in words, the depth and the intensity of my feelings for this little boy =).

I can't wait until the summer. I'll have a lot more time to take Daymien out everywhere.
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