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Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
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20-something, in school and not understanding a THING of it (damn you sciences and mathematics!).

Interests (149):

, a gentle breeze, all the alpacas, alpacas, animal rights, anime, animenext, antimatter, arkapasso, autumn, being a difference, being radical, being revolutionary, being spontaneous, being the needed change in the world, black holes, blue-black hair dye, breathing, broadway musicals, bronycon, chrono cross, city gallivanting, clouds, code of princess, codependency, cold cases, comedy, coney island, converses, creativity, culture, dancing in the rain, dante and patches, dark comedy, dark matter, doctor who, doing laundry, dreaming, driving to nowhere in particular, eating disorders, emotions, empathy, equality, evangelion, faith, fiction, fingerless gloves, fireworks shows, freedom, fruit, genocide, haircomb singing, hanging on, happiness, happy endings, hog island, homicide investigations, hope, humanity, i love you, imagination, independence, indie movies, individuality, ingenuity, intellectual conversations over coffee, japanese language, jeans, jumping, killing zombies, kindness, late night strolls through the park, late night swinging at the park, laughing uncontrollably, learning, letting go, love, lunar blue star story, lunar silver star story, magfest, making a difference, making movies, making other people smile, medicine, memory, moist grass blades, music, my little pony friendship is magic, napping in cemeteries, notebooks, observational comedy, ocarina of fucking time, otakon, outer space, outerspace, pax east, people watching, perseverance, pink elephant cigarettes, pokemon, popping bubbles by fingertip, pumpkin anything, radical ideas, rainbow-colored gloves, rainbow-colored socks, revolutions, riding on ferris wheels, running, screaming penis, serial killer psychology, shooting stars, smelling laundry, soap box preaching, spotting rainbows, spring, stepping on leaves that look particularly crunchy, strength, summer, swing sets, taking photographs, the 11th doctor, the fifties, the forties, the possibility of life on other planets, the roaring twenties, the simple things in life, the sixties, the sky, the thirties, the universe, tolerance, tragedy, true civil rights, tumultuous rain storms, twirling, understanding, underwear dancing, unity, victory, vulnerability, war history, wars, weakness, wearing a banana suit, winter, wishing, words, writing stories, zozo

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