Oct. 21st, 2013

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Well, on my way to and from campus -- my bus stop is attached to this overpass that allows us pedestrians to walk across the highway to get to the other side of the boulevard. So, when I'm on my way home -- I use this overpass to get to the other side and then walk the half a block to the apartment. WELL!!!!! Something happened there that I wasn't expecting! I was walking along the overpass and it was pretty early, before 12 in the afternoon, and I saw this man hiding by the stair case that I would need to use to go downstairs. I'm all, okay, I'm probably gonna get mugged or something -- I mean why else is he hiding from me?!?! NOPE NOPE NOPE. He was masturbating! I kept thinking to myself oh god, oh god, please don't blow your load while I'm here because I'm wearing dark colors, oh god -- and when I got within maybe two steps or so beneath him I called the cops. I was so nonchalant on the phone with the 911 operator that I don't know if they took me seriously or not. I gave them a detailed description! And I left my name and my phone number -- but I never got a call back so, I don't know. Also, I napped right after this happened so .... whoops????

Anyway, there's been this cat that's been coming to our driveway for a while now -- and just hanging in between the bushes to the side. One day, while I was walking Suz, he came out from underneath the neighbor's car and started plopping himself all over my feet. This is how our love affair began. At first, there was a lot of resistance to getting this cat to be able to come upstairs with all of us. But, eventually, seeing how much it bothered me emotionally to leave this cat downstairs after all he wanted was love and cuddles .... this person caved and now he's here!!!!! Meowpoleon doesn't do much. He sleeps. He eats A LOT. And cuddles into us A LOT. I'm guessing he's an old cat because he doesn't run around like my younger cats destroying the house.

Yesterday, I went to Chinatown -- only after I spent the morning doing errands with my Dad. I helped him with some of his gardening stuff. Derooting a couple of old tomato plants, carrying all the soil to the garbage area, going out to Brooklyn Bagel and getting him and egg, bacon, and cheese. I eventually fell asleep from 11-2 (I was up at 530, so!) and noticed that I had missed multiple calls from Rob =( so I quickly texted him and we all decided to go to Chinatown. I invited Valdo, too. It wasn't that we did much. But we did have a good time. You know how some people go out drinking and they consider that their good time? Well, we're foodies. We try different, heard of food establishments and that's our good time. Considering that they're both going through hard times now I bought them small things here and there. For example, I bought Rob a Thai Iced Bubble Tea because he waited for me for forever at Ten Ren and I felt bad and I bought Valdo almond cookie icecream because I wanted him to enjoy the Chinatown Icecream Factory, too -- that I know he loves =).

We have a tendency to walk from Chinatown to Union Square. ALL THE TIME. It's just a thing that we do. I've always liked walking through Manhattan with no particular destination in mind because I like looking at the surrounding areas. Well, WE FOUND THE LITTLE CUPCAKE BAKESHOP which we had found one time before -- and another time had tried desperately to find again -- and we had cupcakes and cake and it was GLORIOUS. Rob had sat down at this table in the corner, Valdo was somewhere to my left and slightly behind me, and I just remember describing Rob's taste palette to the bakery girl as not adventurous because I didn't know what cake to get him!!!! BUT YES!!!! We all had our sweets =). I had a pumpkin spice cupcake and half a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. Valdo had the other half of the peanut butter and jelly cupcake and half a golden yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And Rob had the remaining half of his golden yellow cake with chocolate frosting =). I treated them. I like treating people when I can afford it. Which is rare!!!!!! I'M USUALLY THE ONE BEING TREATED but I digress, hahahahahahahahaaaaa .....

I've been neglecting my boyfriend and I feel terrible =(. Not because I mean to! I'm just bad at text messages and the like. I'm usually on twitter A LOT or ... I ADD because I'm doing homework and playing video games and sleeping and stuff and eating and our days off/free days never coincide and just WAAAAAAAH so I always end up seeing our friends over seeing him and it makes me feel bad because I WANT TO SEE HIM TOO but what the hell he's either at work or I'm at work or I'm doing school stuff and he's at work and WAAAAHHHHH =(. I should actually text him right now -- watch me forget XD.

Life is okay. I wish I had a career but other than that I'm pretty happy with everything =). I have wonderful people and animals in my life and I hope it stays that way for forever <3.


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