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Everyone knows that the Wii U was recently released. I personally did not see what the big deal was considering that we already had other HD capable systems that have already been out for years. But, I digress. I participated in a pizza and gaming night recently where I was able to play New Super Mario Bros Wii U.


The new gimmick in New Super Mario Bros Wii U is that you can play with up to five players (one player gets to be support with the Game Pad) and new power ups that are introduced along with some old ones introduced in a new way.

Let's talk about the role of the Game Pad first. I consider this to be the most important, anyway, in a group setting. The role of the Game Pad is to create platforms for hard to reach areas (or when you're plummeting to your sudden death -- though I don't understand why people don't just press A and bubble), keeping certain very large enemies at bay by having the person on the Game Pad constantly tapping them -- and the Game Pad dude can also be a DICK and create platforms on top of your head so when you accidentally hit into them in a very sticky situation you plummet to your death or have to quickly bubble which causes everyone to lose their lives anyway (if you're all bubbled at the same time -- it's considered as though everyone has lost their lives).

Next up: POWER UPS. I am so very happy that this game has brought back the amazement that is the P-WING -- unfortunately, we didn't get to use it last night so I can't really tell you what it does in this game (even though I'm assuming that it does the same thing as it did in the SNES title Mario Bros 3). I can tell you how you do get a P-Wing in this game, though. Do you guys happen to remember the mushroom houses where you played some usually pathetic mini game but YOU GOT FREE POWER UPS. It's essentially the same in this game EXCEPT ... there's this rat thief who will randomly pop up and steal from the poor little toad in the mushroom house. This rat thief then runs to another world you've already beaten into any one of those levels (which is noted by some sinister rat icon hanging over the world level) and, once you're in the level with said rat thief, you have to DASH after him and catch him before he reaches the end. If you manage to do this -- the poor toad from the mushroom house awards you with a P-WING. Rejoice.

All the other power ups are essentially the same -- the Starman, the mushroom, the fireflower, the frost flower -- BUT I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE ACORN MUSHROOM. I believe this might be a new gimmick but I am not entirely sure.

The acorn mushroom is pictured in the above image with yellow toad. Essentially, when you get the acorn mushroom you're able to float -- kind of like the floating Princess Peach does with her parasol in Super Smash Bros for the Wii. Obviously, with the acorn mushroom you have to run first -- BUT IT IS STILL AN AWESOME POWERUP because you pretty much glide through the air and can quickly bypass any obstacles that are in your way and would cause the death of you or your party member's (though you gliding ahead like that -- if they don't have the acorn power up -- will kill them off as well).

I'm very glad they reintroduced the Koopa kids though they're known as koopalings. This game also reintroduces the ship stage from Mario Bros 3 for the SNES but not always. That ... was awesome. I mean, if you're a nostalgia fuck you're definitely gonna get a hard on.

But this game also comes with all the flaws of its predecessor. You can still jump on the heads of your teammates and plummet to your accidental death. You can still get blocked in by a teammate simply standing in front of you -- and the WORST OF THE OFFENDERS -- is that a teammate can still land on your head while you're in mid air CAUSING YOU TO PLUMMET. And, with the addition of the game pad as the role of support -- you essentially get a new creative twist on how can I FUCK OVER MY TEAMMATES/FRIENDS if you're not paying attention to all the players on the screen.

In the end, I would say this game is worth a try -- if only because it is a Mario game that reintroduces some of the most loved concepts from earlier games. But I wouldn't pay full price for it. I would wait until this title goes on sale.

Next up:


A few nights ago my friends and I did a pizza and bad movie marathon night -- and I picked this gem for everyone to watch. This is called "Carved: The Slit Mouthed Woman" and as many of you can already guess -- this is a Japanese horror thriller. I always love Japanese horror thrillers because the special effects are so terrible they're comedic -- and their stories are much deeper than American horror thrillers.

BUT WITH THIS MOVIE -- it was as if they took all the steps for EASY WRITING and just put it in this movie. The woman with the slit mouth appears in Japan after causing an earthquake in the area (I guess because releasing her spirit from the closet her body was locked in is a cataclysmic event) and immediately after this earthquake -- little children from a specific neighborhood in Japan start disappearing. There's this teacher in the elementary school that all the children are disappearing from that can hear the slit mouthed woman right before she strikes. This would be a thought provoking concept if it didn't turn out that the elementary school teacher that has this telepathic connection to the slit mouthed woman IS HER SON and the only child of hers she didn't end up killing (because the child killed her first).

This movie is loaded with all sorts of tricks in an attempt to make it interesting, but, honestly once it's given away that the slit mouthed woman is this elementary school teacher's mother -- you can already guess where it's going, how the plot arrived to the point it has arrived at already -- and the audience just loses interest (though I did watch this film to the very end).

Recently, (more like yesterday), I woke up early enough to notice that Saturday morning TV Programming had taken a huge bump in status with this gem:


It's basically a movie that is SO STUPID AND ASININE it's hilarious. I'll summarize a little bit. There's this mad scientist who harbors a grudge towards the media from the time he was eight years old. This grudge came about because, when the mad scientist won his local spelling bee, the media didn't think it was important enough to report it. Well, the mad scientist wore from that very day forward that he would take over the national media and make them pay -- and he does this in the form of sentient evil tomatoes. If this doesn't reel you in then please think of the MACHO ASS SKEPTIC DETECTIVE IN LAVENDER LEOPARD PRINT STRETCH PANTS that tries to play it tough through out the whole film.

... And that's what I've been up to lately (with some kinokuniya and lower east side expeditions left out because, really, how do I play up I went for some bubble tea, read a book, got street passes .... etc .... etc .... etc ....).


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